mkdir (stands for make directory) command in Linux is used for creating the directory (folder). It can be used to create single or multiple folders at once and can also set up complex folder hierarchies. In this tutorial you will learn about mkdir command in Linux and uses of mkdir command with examples.

Syntax for mkdir command

mkdir [options] [directory_name]

To know how to use the mkdir command, get help for mkdir and find options available with mkdir command, Use mkdir –-help command.

mkdir --help

mkdir --help

mkdir India

mkdir filename

mkdir Hello Programbr

mkdir file1 file2 multiple file

mkdir Hello/home Hello/Desktop Hello/Documents

mkdir file childfilename

mkdir Hello/{Music,Song,Podcast}

mkdir file childfilename-method-two

mkdir -p new/Video/Dance/Concerts

mkdir -p filename nested filenmae

mkdir -p -v new/Music/Song/Podcast

mkdir -p -v existing-file and nested-file

mkdir -v Help Me

mkdir -v filename

mkdir -m a=rwx old

mkdir -m filename


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