Latest, Recent IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium)

Company's IPOListing Date
Mainboard IPO
JSW Infrastructure IPO GMP6 Oct
Manoj Vaibhav Gems 'N' Jewellers IPO GMP5 Oct
Signatureglobal India IPO GMP4 Oct
Sai Silks (Kalamandir) IPO GMP4 Oct
Yatra Online IPO GMP29 Sep
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services IPO GMP27 Sep
SAMHI Hotels IPO GMP27 Sep
R R Kabel IPO GMP26 Sep
Hi-Green Carbon IPO GMP4 Oct
Techknowgreen Solutions IPO GMP29 Sep
Madhusudan Masala IPO GMP3 Oct
Master Components IPO GMP
Cellecor Gadgets IPO GMP28 Sep
Kody Technolab IPO GMP28 Sep
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics IPO GMP28 Sep
Kundan Edifice IPO GMP26 Sep
Chavda Infra IPO GMP25 Sep
Meson Valves India IPO GMP21 Sep
Unihealth Consultancy IPO GMP21 Sep

IPO GMP in 2023

IPOIssue PriceListing Price
Crop Life Science52
Bondada Engineering75
Shoora Designs48
Shelter Pharma42
Srivari Spices and Foods42
Yudiz Solutions165
Sangani Hospitals40
Vinsys IT Services128207.25
Oriana Power118302.00
Zeal Global Services103147.00
Shri Techtex6181.15
Innovatus Entertainment Networks5050.00
Khazanchi Jewellers140142.30
Yasons Chemex Care4032.00
Asarfi Hospital5298.80
Service Care6770.90
Ahasolar Technologies157203.00
Kaka Industries58110.20
Drone Destination65107.25
AccelerateBS India90109.50
Alphalogic Industries9696.00
Synoptics Technologies237238.00
Tridhya Tech4242.00
Global Pet Industries4952.00
Pentagon Rubber70130.00
Essen Speciality Films107140.00
Magson Retail And Distribution6591.15
Greenchef Appliances87104.00
Veefin Solutions8286.05
Aatmaj Healthcare6056.00
Vilin Bio Med3030.00
Cell Point (India)100100.00
Cosmic CRF314251.20
Bizotic Commercial175180.00
Urban Enviro Waste Management100141.00
Spectrum Talent Management173155.00
Sonalis Consumer Products3038.00
Kore Digital180201.00
Comrade Appliances5487.00
Sahana System135163.00
CFF Fluid Control165175.00
Infollion Research Services82209.00
Proventus Agrocom771821.00
Hemant Surgical Industries90171.00
Vasa Denticity128211.00
Crayons Advertising6590.00
Remus Pharmaceuticals12291711.25
Krishca Strapping Solutions54118.80
Auro Impex & Chemicals7878.00
De Neers Tools101190.00
Innokaiz India78148.00
Retina Paints3029.05
Quicktouch Technologies6192.00
A G Universal6060.00
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components5055.00
Sancode Technologies4764.00
MOS Utility7690.00
Exhicon Events Media Solutions6464.00
Infinium Pharmachem135141.50
Sotac Pharmaceuticals111115.00
Maiden Forgings6363.00
Dev Labtech Venture5151.00
Command Polymers2826.75
Nirman Agri Genetics99102.00
Quality Foils (India)60100.00
Bright Outdoor Media146150.00
Labelkraft Technologies5556.00
Sudarshan Pharma Industries7373.00
VELS Film International99100.00
Prospect Commodities6161.00
MCON Rasayan India4048.00
Vertexplus Technologies96101.00
Systango Technologies9098.00
ITCONS E-Solutions5146.99
Amanaya Ventures2320.10
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes4140.00
SVJ Enterprises3638.00
Patron Exim2728.40
Sealmatic India225225.00
Viaz Tyres6268.00
Agarwal Float Glass India4244.00
Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products2527.5
Indong Tea Company2620.80
Shera Energy5764.10
Earthstahl & Alloys4055.00
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals3035.00
Transvoy Logistics India7171.00
DHARNI Capital Services2021.00
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience7280.00
Ducol Organics And Colours78111.95
Eastern Logica Infoway225270.00
Chaman Metallics3868.00


What is GMP (Grey market premium)?

Grey market premium ( GMP) is a premium amount paid at which initial public offering (IPO) shares are traded before it is listed on the stock exchanges.

The grey market is unofficial and is not regulated by Sebi or any other market regulator. Stock brokers don’t have any involvement in or back any transactions taking place in the grey market.

  • GPM acts as a key indicator that reflects how the IPO may perform on listing day.
  • In the grey market, investors trade for shares before their official listing on the stock exchanges.
  • In the grey market, shares are traded in cash and in person.
  • The value of GMP may change on a daily basis depending on the share’s demand in the markets.
  • A positive Grey market premium indicates that an IPO is expected to list at a profit, whereas a negative Grey market premium indicates that an IPO is expected to list at a loss.
  • The Kostak rate is the price at which an IPO application could be sold off for an agreed-upon amount.
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