While connecting to the server using command ssh user@hostname / ssh user@ipaddress in command prompt (Terminal) you may get some issue like ssh: connect to host @hostname port 22: Connection timed out.

Such issue may occur, either your server is down or there is problem with the firewall connection.

Fix Issue, ssh: connect to host @hostname port 22: Connection timed out

Check server is down or not

Use ping ipaddress to check server is down or not. If it is working then, there may be some problem with the firewall configuration.

Configure UFW to allow incoming SSH connections

To allow ssh connection, use the following command in the terminal.

sudo ufw allow ssh

Allowing SSH by Port Number 22


sudo ufw allow 22

Enable firewall

After allowing incoming SSH connections, you can enable the firewall with the following command in command line (Terminal)

sudo ufw enable
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