List of  Trading, Stock Market Holiday, NSE, BSE 2023

1Republic Day26 January 2023Thursday
2Holi7 March 2023Tuesday
3Ram Navmi30 March 2023Thursday
4Mahavir Jayanti4 April 2023Tuesday
5Good Friday7 April 2023Friday
6DR. B.R Ambedkar Jayanti14 April 2023Friday
7Maharashtra Day1 May 2023Monday
8Id Ul Adha28 June 2023Wednesday
9Independence Day15 August 2023Tuesday
10Ganesh Chaturthi19 September 2023Tuesday
11Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti2 October 2023Monday
12Dussehra24 October 2023Tuesday
13Diwali Balipratipada14 November 2023Tuesday
14Gurunanak Jayanti27 November 2023Monday
15Christmas25 December 2023Monday

List of Commodity Trading, MCX/NCDEX, Holidays in 2023

1Republic Day26 January 2023ThursdayClosedClosed
2Holi7 March 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
3Ram Navami30 March 2023ThursdayClosedClosed
4Mahavir Jayanti4 April 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
5Good Friday7 April 2023FridayClosedClosed
6Dr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanti14 April 2023FridayClosedClosed
7Maharashtra Day1 May 2023MondayClosedOpen
8Id Ul Adha28 June 2023WednesdayClosedOpen
9Independence Day15 August 2023TuesdayClosedClosed
10Ganesh Chaturthi19 September 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
11Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti2 October 2023MondayClosedClosed
12Dussehra24 October 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
13Diwali Balipratipada14 November 2023TuesdayClosedOpen
14Gurunanak Jayanti27 November 2023MondayClosedOpen
15Christmas25 December 2023MondayClosedClosed

Trading Holiday NSE, BSE 2022

1Republic Day26 Jan 2022Wednesday
2Mahashivratri1 Mar 2022Tuesday
3Holi18 Mar 2022Friday
4Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti / Mahavir Jayanti14 Apr 2022Thursday
5Good Friday15 Apr 2022Friday
6Id-Ul-Fitr3 May 2022Tuesday
7Moharram9 Aug 2022Tuesday
8Independence Day15 Aug 2022Monday
9Ganesh Chaturthi31 Aug 2022Wednesday
10Dussehra5 Oct 2022Wednesday
11Diwali24 Oct 2022Monday
12Diwali26 Oct 2022Wednesday
13Gurunanak Jayanti8 Nov 2022Tuesday
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