IPO NameListing ATOpenClosePriceSize (Cr)
Globesecure Technologies IPONSE SME23 May25 May2910.13
Rachana Infrastructure IPONSE SME20 May25 May13877.97
Sonu Infratech IPONSE SME29 April5 May368.64
Nanavati Ventures IPOBSE SME25 April27 April502.18
Le Merite Exports IPONSE SME25 April28 April7548.00
Fone4 Communications (India) IPOBSE SME25 April27 April106.80
Global Longlife Hospital and Research IPOBSE SME21 April25 April14049.00
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions IPOBSE SME20 April25 April452.51
Eighty Jewellers IPOBSE SME31 March5 April4111.07
Jeena Sikho Lifecare IPONSE SME30 March7 April15055.50
Sunrise Efficient Marketing IPOBSE SME30 March5 April12116.70
Dhyaani Tile And Marblez IPOBSE SME30 March4 April512.45
Krishna Defence and Allied Industries IPONSE SME25 March29 March3911.89
P. E. Analytics IPONSE SME22 March25 March11431.60
Empyrean Cashews IPONSE SME21 March23 March3719.41
Achyut Healthcare IPOBSE SME17 March22 March203.60
Evoq Remedies IPOBSE SME17 March22 March279.72
Swaraj Suiting IPONSE SME15 March17 March5610.68
KN Agri Resources IPONSE SME15 March17 March7549.38
Bhatia Colour Chem IPOBSE SME14 March16 March8040.00
Cool Caps Industries IPONSE SME10 March15 March3811.63
SP Refractories IPONSE SME9 March11 March904.92
Shigan Quantum Technologies IPONSE SME28 Feb3 March5022.70
Ekennis Software Service IPOBSE SME21 Feb24 Feb722.88
Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories IPONSE SME10 Feb15 Feb7320.23
Richa Info Systems IPONSE SME9 Feb11 Feb12510.00
Maruti Interior Products IPOBSE SME3 Feb8 Feb5511.00
Safa Systems & Technologies IPOBSE SME28 Jan1 Feb104.00
Quality RO Industries IPOBSE SME27 Jan 20221 Feb512.70
Precision Metaliks IPONSE SME19 Jan24 Jan5121.93
Alkosign IPOBSE SME18 Jan21 Jan4512.15
Dj Mediaprint & Logistics FPOBSE SME18 Jan20 Jan12515.00
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