Before choosing any WordPress Hosting

  1. Local Data centre: Local data centre should be top priority before choosing any hosting service, because server location affects website loading time due to latency. We recommend you choose a data center that is located close to where the majority of your site’s visitors are.
  2. Pricing: Pricing is always an important factor because you should know, what are you getting at what cost. It will be the best if WordPress hosting service provider support payment in the local currency Australian Dollar (AUD). Because you do have not to pay any conversion charge, like charges for converting Australian Dollar to any other currency. You do have not to worry about, do your debit/credit card supports international payment or not.
  3. Bandwidth: Bandwidth also plays important role in choosing WordPress hosting service. Some hosting service provider limits the number of visits (like- 10000 or 20000 visits per month) beyond that you have to pay extra. It can be okay for Woocommerce (selling products) but bloggers should prefer such hosting service which does not put a limit on the number of visitors.
  4. Email Hosting: Email address connected to your domain name ( is more professional.
  5. Free Domain: Generally purchasing a new domain and its yearly subscription charges cost around USD $ 12 to USD $ 18. If you are getting it for free, it’s fine, it will help you save money.
  6. WordPress Installation: Generally all web hosting service provider offer one-click WordPress installation and some also comes with pre-installed WordPress.
  7. Customer Support: Generally, all hosting service provider offers 24*7 customer support. Probably you will never need customer support for WordPress if you follow tutorials and documentation properly. That’s why I put customer support in the least position. But, If WordPress hosting service providers support local languages, like Australian local language. It can be great.
Host Price Bandwidth / Traffic Limit Free Trial Free Domain Email Hosting WordPress Installation Local Data Centre
Cloudways $10 Unlimited Traffic up to 1 TB Bandwidth Yes No No One-Click Yes, Sydney
Bluehost Unlimited Traffic No, 30 days money back guarantee Yes Yes Already Installed No $13.30 Unlimited Traffic up to 2 TB Bandwidth No, 30 days money back guarantee No Yes Already Installed Yes, South Sydney
Kinsta $35 25000 visits / month No, 30 days money back guarantee No No Already Installed Yes, Sydney, Melbourne
WP Engine $20 25000 visits / month No, 60 days money back guarantee No No Already Installed Yes, Sydney
WP Hosting



  • Free trial: Yes (no credit card required)
  • Local Data Center: Yes (Sydney)
  • Local Currency (AUD): No (USD)
  • Band Width: 1 TB
  • Free Domain: NO
  • Pricing: Starts from 10 USD

Cloudways can be best the best choice for managed WordPress hosting in Australia. It offers free trials with no credit card required, you can test cloudways hosting service for managed WordPress without giving any credit card details. Cloudways partnered with AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, and Vultr for data centre server location in Australia.

Why you should try cloudways in Australia

  • Offers free trials with no credit card required
  • Pay as You Go system, means pay only for the service you have used. Cloudways don’t ask you to pay for 1, 3, 6, 12, 36 months in advance. It will reduce your initial capital burden.
  • It offers one-click WordPress installation with free SSL,
  • It offers cloud hosting, which means future-proof.
  • Easy upgrade
  • 24*7 customer support.

Cloudways Data Center Server Location in Australia

Location Partner
Australia (Sydney) AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr


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