Meet Sora, OpenAI's AI Video Generator

Sora is a text to video generator.

Sora can produce videos length of up to 60 seconds featuring highly detailed scenes, and multiple characters with vibrant emotions.

It isn't easy to recognise that the text-to-video produced by Sora is not real.

OpenAI also featured 10 diffent category video to show full potential of OpenAI's Sora

Perhaps Sora will completely change how people express themselves and how entertainment is made in the future.

A small number of "visual artists, designers, and filmmakers" are currently able to access Sora through OpenAI in order to receive feedback.

No specific date for the Sora release to all users has been provided by OpenAI.

Unlike chat GPT 4, you may need paid subscription to access Sora.

Let us see, when sora is available to use and how can we access sora.