Upcoming SME IPO in India

IPO NameListing ATOpenClosePriceSize (Cr)
Globesecure Technologies IPONSE SME23 May 202225 May 20222910.13
Rachana Infrastructure IPONSE SME20 May 202225 May 202213877.97
Sonu Infratech IPONSE SME29 April 20225 May 2022368.64
Nanavati Ventures IPOBSE SME25 April 202227 April 2022502.18
Le Merite Exports IPONSE SME25 April 202228 April 20227548.00
Fone4 Communications (India) IPOBSE SME25 April 202227 April 2022106.80
Global Longlife Hospital and Research IPOBSE SME21 April 202225 April 202214049.00
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions IPOBSE SME20 April 202225 April 2022452.51
Eighty Jewellers IPOBSE SME31 March 20225 April 20224111.07
Jeena Sikho Lifecare IPONSE SME30 March 20227 April 202215055.50
Sunrise Efficient Marketing IPOBSE SME30 March 20225 April 202212116.70
Dhyaani Tile And Marblez IPOBSE SME30 March 20224 April 2022512.45
Krishna Defence and Allied Industries IPONSE SME25 March 202229 March 20223911.89
P. E. Analytics IPONSE SME22 March 202225 March 202211431.60
Empyrean Cashews IPONSE SME21 March 202223 March 20223719.41
Achyut Healthcare IPOBSE SME17 March 202222 March 2022203.60
Evoq Remedies IPOBSE SME17 March 202222 March 2022279.72
Swaraj Suiting IPONSE SME15 March 202217 March 20225610.68
KN Agri Resources IPONSE SME15 March 202217 March 20227549.38
Bhatia Colour Chem IPOBSE SME14 March 202216 March 20228040.00
Cool Caps Industries IPONSE SME10 March 202215 March 20223811.63
SP Refractories IPONSE SME9 March 202211 March 2022904.92
Shigan Quantum Technologies IPONSE SME28 Feb 20223 March 20225022.70
Ekennis Software Service IPOBSE SME21 Feb 202224 Feb 2022722.88
Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories IPONSE SME10 Feb 202215 Feb 20227320.23
Richa Info Systems IPONSE SME9 Feb 202211 Feb 202212510.00
Maruti Interior Products IPOBSE SME3 Feb 20228 Feb 20225511.00
Safa Systems & Technologies IPOBSE SME28 Jan 20221 Feb 2022104.00
Quality RO Industries IPOBSE SME27 Jan 20221 Feb 2022512.70
Precision Metaliks IPONSE SME19 Jan 202224 Jan 20225121.93
Alkosign IPOBSE SME18 Jan 202221 Jan 20224512.15
Dj Mediaprint & Logistics FPOBSE SME18 Jan 202220 Jan 202212515.00

What is SME IPO

SME IPO means initial public offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Companies with minimum post-issue capital of Rs 1 crore and a maximum of Rs 25 crores are eligible for SME IPO in India.

  • The SME must have a paid-up capital of INR 3 crores or more, with the same reflecting across tangible assets and overall net worth.
  • The company’s financial statements should show distributable profits for at least two out of three preceding financial years, excluding any extraordinary incomes.
  • The minimum trading lots for SME IPOs should range from 100 to 10,000 shares depending on the price, volumes, and more, which is constantly subject to revision.
  • There should be no winding-up petition against the company in any court across the country.
  • The company’s promoters should remain constant for at least one year preceding the application of the SME IPO

SME IPO Listing – How It Works?

The compliance requirements for SME IPOs are significantly lower than what is expected of mainstream offerings. However, maintaining public trust still involves substantial paperwork and a long, drawn-out process to ensure the verification of facts and data.

Here are some key steps involved in the SME IPO listing process:

1) Appointment of Merchant Banker – Despite being relatively easier, SMEs require an experienced merchant banker or SME IPO consultant to help guide them while underwriting the issue.

2) Compliance & Due Diligence – The next step involves ensuring the facts, accounts, and data presented by the company reflect the truth. There are no discrepancies that can have a material impact on the SME’s story.

3) Red Herring Draft Prospectus – Similar to a regular IPO, the prospectus should contain comprehensive information on the operations and prospects of the company. This should serve as the mission statement for prospective investors.

4) Verification & Feedback – All the steps and documentation thus far undergo thorough verification, with necessary revisions and feedback following suit. There will also be a site visit at this stage to further verify the accuracy of claims.

5) In-Principle Approval – Once all facts and data are verified successfully, the SME will receive an in-principle approval, with a few conditions pending complete approval before the issue can be opened.

6) Issue Open & Close – After all necessary approvals are taken, the issue is opened on a specific date. After marketing and advertising, it will stay open for a few days, following which it is closed, and shares are allotted.

7) Listing & Trading – Once the issue is fully subscribed and shares are allotted, it will start trading on the BSE SME or the NSE Emerge platforms for investors to buy and sell securities in the company.
The lots and sizes are set based on the price and volumes of the shares and are subject to constant monitoring for changes to facilitate easy trading and transfer. Over time, as the price and volumes improve, the stock can graduate to the main indices, cementing its position as a publicly-traded company.

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