NCD Credit Rating

A credit score represents the creditworthiness of the borrower. Based on the credit score, a lender determines whether the borrower can repay the loan amount or not.

  •  Usually, issues that are rated AAA are understood to be safest. Moreover, experts suggest that retail investors shouldn’t dabble into issues that are rated below AA/AA+.
  • Apart from looking at the ratings, investors should also consider the outlook of the company as per the rating agencies.
  • Apart from looking at the credit profile of the NCD issuer, investors should also check the quality of the credit rating agency itself.

Credit Rating Agencies in India

  1. Brickwork Ratings India Pvt Ltd
  2. CARE
  3. CRISIL Ltd
  4. ICRA Limited
  5. India Ratings and Research Pvt Ltd
  6. Infometrics Valuation and Rating Pvt Ltd
  7. SMERA Ratings Limited

source: livemint