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Current (Active) IPO in India

Goel Food Products IPO
Scarnose International IPO

**From 1 September 2022, if you want to apply for an IPO, you would need to back it up with the required funds. The market regulator SEBI has issued a circular stating that an IPO application will be processed only if it is supported by the required amount in the applicant’s bank account. The SEBI has made this amendment to ensure subscription numbers aren’t inflated.**

Current Mainboard, SME IPO in India

S.NoIPO NameListing ATOpenClosePriceSize (Cr)
60Mangalam Worldwide IPONSE SME30 June 20224 July 2022
59SKP Bearing Industries IPONSE SME30 June 20225 July 2022
58Veerkrupa Jewellers IPOBSE SME29 June 20225 July 2022
57Sailani Tours N Travels IPOBSE SME27 June 202230 June 2022
56KCK Industries IPONSE SME27 June 202230 June 2022
55Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts IPOBSE SME27 June 202229 June 2022
54Modi's Navnirman IPOBSE SME23 June 202228 June 2022
53Goel Food Products IPOBSE SME15 June 202220 June 2022
52Scarnose International IPOBSE SME14 June 202217 June 2022
51Silver Pearl Hospitality & Luxury Spaces IPOBSE SME6 June 20229 June 2022189.00
50Fidel Softech IPONSE SME30 May 20222 June 20223713.51
49Aether Industries IPONSE, BSE24 May 202226 May 2022610 to 642808.04
48Globesecure Technologies IPONSE SME23 May 202225 May 20222910.13
47Rachana Infrastructure IPONSE SME20 May 20222 June 202213877.97
46eMudhra IPONSE, BSE20 May 202224 May 2022243 to 256412.79
45Ethos IPONSE, BSE18 May 202220 May 2022836 to 878472.29
44Paradeep Phosphates IPONSE, BSE17 May 202219 May 202239 to 421501.73
43Delhivery IPONSE, BSE11 May 202213 May 2022462 to 4875235.00
42Venus Pipes & Tubes IPONSE, BSE11 May 202213 May 2022326165.42
41Prudent Corporate Advisory Services IPONSE, BSE10 May 202212 May 2022595 to 630538.61
40Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) IPONSE, BSE4 May 20229 May 202294921008.48
39Sonu Infratech IPONSE SME29 April 20225 May 2022368.64
38Rainbow Children's Medicare IPONSE, BSE27 April 202229 April 20225421580.85
37Campus Activewear IPONSE, BSE26 April 202228 April 20222921400.14
36Nanavati Ventures IPOBSE SME25 April 202227 April 2022502.18
35Le Merite Exports IPONSE SME25 April 202228 April 20227548.00
34Fone4 Communications (India) IPOBSE SME25 April 202227 April 2022106.80
33Global Longlife Hospital and Research IPOBSE SME21 April 202225 April 202214049.00
32Shashwat Furnishing Solutions IPOBSE SME20 April 202225 April 2022452.51
31Eighty Jewellers IPOBSE SME31 March 20225 April 20224111.07
30Jeena Sikho Lifecare IPONSE SME30 March 20227 April 202215055.50
29Hariom Pipe Industries IPONSE, BSE30 March 20225 April 2022153130.05
28Sunrise Efficient Marketing IPOBSE SME30 March 20225 April 202212116.70
27Dhyaani Tile And Marblez IPOBSE SME30 March 20224 April 2022512.45
26Veranda Learning Solutions IPONSE, BSE29 March 202231 March 2022137200.00
25Uma Exports IPONSE, BSE28 March 202230 March 20226860.00
24Krishna Defence and Allied Industries IPONSE SME25 March 202229 March 20223911.89
23Ruchi Soya Industries FPONSE, BSE24 March 202228 March 20226504300.00
22P. E. Analytics IPONSE SME22 March 202225 March 202211431.60
21Empyrean Cashews IPONSE SME21 March 202223 March 20223719.41
20Achyut Healthcare IPOBSE SME17 March 202222 March 2022203.60
19Evoq Remedies IPOBSE SME17 March 202222 March 2022279.72
18Swaraj Suiting IPONSE SME15 March 202217 March 20225610.68
17KN Agri Resources IPONSE SME15 March 202217 March 20227549.38
16Bhatia Colour Chem IPOBSE SME14 March 202216 March 20228040.00
15Cool Caps Industries IPONSE SME10 March 202215 March 20223811.63
14SP Refractories IPONSE SME9 March 202211 March 2022904.92
13Shigan Quantum Technologies IPONSE SME28 Feb 20223 March 20225022.70
12Ekennis Software Service IPOBSE SME21 Feb 202224 Feb 2022722.88
11Vaidya Sane Ayurved Laboratories IPONSE SME10 Feb 202215 Feb 20227320.23
10Richa Info Systems IPONSE SME9 Feb 202211 Feb 202212510.00
9Vedant Fashions IPONSE, BSE4 Feb 20228 Feb 20228663149.19
8Maruti Interior Products IPOBSE SME3 Feb 20228 Feb 20225511.00
7Safa Systems & Technologies IPOBSE SME28 Jan 20221 Feb 2022104.00
6Adani Wilmar IPONSE, BSE27 Jan 202231 Jan 20222303600.00
5Quality RO Industries IPOBSE SME27 Jan 20221 Feb 2022512.70
4Precision Metaliks IPONSE SME19 Jan 202224 Jan 20225121.93
3AGS Transact Technologies IPONSE, BSE19 Jan 202221 Jan 2022175680.00
2Alkosign IPOBSE SME18 Jan 202221 Jan 20224512.15
1Dj Mediaprint & Logistics FPOBSE SME18 Jan 202220 Jan 202212515.00

What is IPO

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the selling of shares of private companies to the public in the primary market. The primary market deals with new shares being issued for the first time.  IPO allows a company to raise capital from public investors.