Shera Energy SME IPO GMP Detail

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***This page was last updated on 17 February 2023.
The Current GMP of Shera Energy SME IPO is ₹11. The Shera Energy IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium) is the rate of premium, on which, the IPO is trading in the grey market or over-the-counter (OTC) market or off-exchange trading between two persons.

  • Shera Energy IPO’s today GMP (Current GMP) is ₹11. The GMP price was last updated on 17 February 2023.
  • The estimated listing price for Shera Energy IPO is ₹68.
  • The estimated listing gain in percentage for Shera Energy IPO is 19.30%.

Complete list of Shera Energy IPO Latest GMP, Today’s Grey Market Premium and Expected Listing Price.

Shera Energy SME IPO GMP Today, GMP Data Pattern, Expected Listing Price

Listing Price
17 February 20231168
16 February 20231269
15 February 20231269
14 February 20231673
13 February 20231673
12 February 20231673
11 February 20231875
10 February 20231875
9 February 20231269
8 February 20231572
7 February 20232279
6 February 20232077


What is Shera Energy SME IPO GMP Today?


What is the estimated listing price for the Shera Energy IPO?


What are Shera Energy SME IPO’s Expected Returns?

₹11 per equity shares.

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