How to install at command in Linux

To install at command in Ubuntu or other Debian based system use the following command.

sudo apt install at

To install at command in CentOs/fedora use the following command.

sudo yum install at

How to use at command in Linux/Unix with Example

at command is used in Linux to schedule a job.

Syntax of at command: at [option] runtime

***Format for runtime in at command


AMtime before noon (12:00 PM)
PMtime after noon (12:00 PM)
todaycurrent day
nowcurrent time
noon12:00 PM
teatime4:00 PM
midnight00:00 AM

View the List of Scheduled Job

To display the list of all scheduled jobs, use at -l command. Alternatively, you can also use atq command to list all scheduled jobs.

at -l

atq and at -l command in Linux, list all sheduled defined job

Create a Job


at command to schedule a job

View the Contents of Scheduled Job

Use -c option with at command along with job number to display the content of scheduled job. Don’t forget to replace job_number with an actual job number. Syntax in given below.

at -c job_number

Use CTRL+D to exit the prompt by the ‘at’ command.

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